Noon by Noor SS17: Backstage Pass

It’s a bit surreal, my first NYFW. The nervous excitement that came with my very first fashion show had me on location 3 hours early, setting foot through the backstage entrance at a balmy 7 AM. I was definitely the early bird here, feeling a little awkward and out of place among sleepy eyed, seasoned models. One by one, the model roster got checked off and highlighted and scribbled on, HMUA was in session and progressing fast, and I was doing my best to keep up with all of it and picking up a thing or two from the NARS and Noon by Noor crew. I’d call my backstage rendezvous a success: I snapped hundreds of photos, made friends with a few of the NARS representatives (even exchanging an Instagram username here and there) and, most importantly, I didn’t get in anyone’s way! At least I don’t think I did.

It was so satisfying to get up close and personal with all the action, soaking in every detail with a thirst that only comes from wondering what happens on the other side of my computer screen for years. I learned secrets from the makeup artists that they swore me not to share, but never swore me not to use. After acclimating to the backstage commotion, and giving myself a solid reminder that I was here for a reason, I found a rhythm and confidence in my shooting, not afraid to ask a model to tilt her chin a bit to the left or soften her brows for the shots I wanted.

Noon by Noor’s tactic today was minimal but impactful; by creating a luminous shine on the skin and using white liner, they toyed with a soft, feminine aesthetic that mirrored the pastels and floral embellishments of the collection. A job well done. 

Thank you so much Noon by Noor for having me cover your show. You get bragging rights for bringing me to my first fashion week, and next time we cross paths, expect a huge bear hug from yours truly. 

NARS to infinity and beyond