In the middle of Bay Area suburbia, in the most unassuming place, was a forgotten inlet with a history and life completely disconnected from everything around it. 5 blocks of locked warehouses with broken windows, dust and mounds of dirt, abandoned construction and a miniature salt flat. All we had to do was take an exit off a busy highway and we immediately found ourselves in an empty corner of the Bay and on the Bay, probably some prime real estate that was waiting to be demolished and rebuilt. In the meantime, it was ours to explore...break into first, then explore. 

Rennu wore Turkish jewelry and body chains, furious natural prints with deep greens and rust, pleated leather, and sequins. Lots of sequins. Our traditional Indian tiered earrings, emeralds and glass, pearls set with gold were the softer accompaniment to Lembas' Turkish armor, all above a wardrobe from Angelys Balek's AW16 Maverick collection. One of my favorites was Angelys Balek's fur coat; it had this iridescent sheen that glimmered blue and purple in the light. But I was most excited about the chain mail bra, honestly no explanation necessary. 

We only discovered where we really were towards the last hour of our day. We wandered farther into the complex until we discovered a dizzying, huge cement hole in the ground. Steep stairs and rusting railing, lemon yellow pipes skirting around the entirety of the structure, we put together that it was a ship dock worn from the elements and disuse. I didn't have much idea where we were until now, considering I found the spot through an aerial location hunt on Google Maps. Middle-of-nowhere vibes right in the middle of somewhere? I'm all for it. 

The shoot feels grounded in what it was: an afternoon spent exploring and soaking in the freedom that comes with empty landscapes longing for visitors. 

Model | Rennu Sandhu

Makeup | Maggie Hayes

Clothing | Angelys Balek & Lembas