72 HOURS!!!

The sun is setting on our junior year. 72 hours until we’re seniors.

I’m planning a poetic summary about how great this school year was (there were some shining moments) but I’m currently watching my buddy Natasha lying on the library floor, crying into her cog-sci textbook while Cassie scribbles out her micro-econ study guide in 4pt font. They both have finals tomorrow at 8 AM; I was just attacked by a brutal 7-10 PM monster and am ecstatic to be back between these musty bookshelves only an hour later.

We’re all screaming at the top of our lungs because we’re so, so very ready for this school year to be over. Figuratively, of course, because we’re actually hidden away in Berkeley’s 24 hour libraries with our heads buried in our books (cough, Facebook feeds/blogs/Youtube/whatever else exacerbates the procrastination). I’m antsy. My feet are tapping out some restless tune, exhaustion at odds with my problem sets. Just a few more sleepless nights, a few more tests that, right now at least, seem like the most important things in the world. Our sleep cycles are inverted, eating habits gone to the dogs. I’m over it.

Flashback to earlier this semester, when Amna and I were playing a game of tag in Berkeley’s suburbia. These shots got buried in my computer and, having rediscovered them a few months later, are the perfect description of my current mental state. She’s screaming until her throat is hoarse, the sun is setting on her just like the shadows are rising on our third year.

I’m so ready to enter post-finals hibernation, to ace everything, to be a senior, to have more adventures with Amna, plan more shoots, my mind is a whirlwind of the future that’s preventing me from thinking of the important things at hand, like my remaining finals!!!

Well, if I’m going to do well, I should probably sleep. Stay tuned for a much sappier, happier post once finals are over…see you on the other side!