Akrotiri and After

Akrotiri and After

Remembering the extraterrestrial Red Rock Beach of Akrotiri on this post-apocalyptic day, a week following my return to Berkeley.  

I'm still nursing a cold, and though Greece was hands-down the best adventure I’ve embarked on, a trip to the other side of the world often leaves you more tired than your exhausted, vacation-ready self. I certainly wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything, but I allowed myself a bit of therapeutic complaining (which you can find below) to cope with the amount of work awaiting my return.

The week back was a delectable recipe of sleep deprivation, midterms, and viral outbreak: jetlag and 48 hours of sleeplessness (including bumming it in the airport for an 8 hour layover and 15 hours of airtime), 2 midterms, quizzes and homework, presentation, 8 foot painting, and 3 photoshoots. Then came the dementia-inducing fever and cough. 

The best part of being busy, besides the relief when it’s all over, is the immense satisfaction from making it through. So, regardless of the grades I’ll receive in a few weeks, I can applaud myself for covering every inch of that unforgiving 8 foot canvas, not sleeping through my midterms, and basically, getting the work done.

For now, I have a fever to rid myself of. If you need me, you can find me hiding under my covers in fetal position, deep in Greece-REM. Antío!