Sending Love Your Way

Sending Love Your Way

Every shoot has a less than glamorous backstory. You can find these sometimes hilarious, often uninspiring, or even embarrassing outtakes hidden in the depths of every SD card. What doesn’t happen too often is an outtake that, while not quite usable, has a beauty of its own.

From the myriad photos of Naomi flipping her dress to create the perfect arc, we discovered a heart as the dress tumbled back down, its temporary curve captured on camera. In the folds of her crimson gown, rough, unhemmed edges, layers of pleated fabric and woven straps concealing her back, we found a little bit of love.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to remember everyone and everything you hold dear. Ignore the "Singles Awareness Day" downers and fill yourself with positivity and the love you receive from those who may not be your SO. I mean, I even asked my camera to be my valentine (I think it said yes?).

I hope that your day blooms with warmth, love, and affection.

Model: Naomi Banks // Dress: Opium Collection by Tina Xu