Today was meant to be a lazy day. I took an early start, getting ready in blacks and whites (and a bit of shine) to meet my longest friend, Nina, for brunch at a nearby bed and breakfast. We’re separated by 330 miles while in school, but back home, it was a quick 20 minutes before we stuffed ourselves with blueberry pancakes drenched in syrup and butter.

Following a very satisfying brunch and mildly painful food coma, we strolled around my neighborhood, updating each other as well as reminiscing about 6th grade. We parted ways late afternoon, and I ran inside to wrap myself up in a duvet and laze by the TV. Soon enough, I was passed out on my carpet for 3 hours. No regrets.

I wore an iridescent t-shirt on top of waxed jeans, both from Zara. This shirt was such a prize when I found it. The print has a subtle shine, reflecting rays of pink and green as it moves and catches the light.

Thanks to my homie Nina for the photographs!