Farmhand Fashion

Farmhand Fashion

Hello all and welcome to 2016!

Road trip shoots have been occupying my weekends quite a bit lately, and here's the outcome of my latest one with Sophia Dutra. We didn't have a solid vision, but a key ingredient we packaged into this shoot was spontaneity: we styled about 10 outfits and allowed the vision to form as we spotted locations along the highway. 

One goal we had before setting out was interacting with animals. After our first (somewhat failed) location at a pumpkin patch full of toddlers and end-of-season rotting pumpkins, we made our way to a pasture with grazing cows. We expected the cows to be either scared or aggressive, but they sauntered up to the fence with obvious curiosity. While shooting, we found one of them sticking its tongue between the barbed wire, insistent on licking Sophia's shoes. They were also pretty interested in Sophia's hair (as you can see below). Seconds after I caught the photo, she ran away shrieking.

From there, we visited a few abandoned farms, trespassed in a trailer park, found a peacock farm (those exist in America?!?!), climbed a bulldozer, and ended the day with hordes of sheep. 

The sheep were the highlight of the evening, especially because they were more interested in me than Sophia! No matter how much she beckoned, they swarmed me, thinking I had food. As the sun sank behind a fruit orchard, we captured our final shots in front of a whitewashed barn with baby blue accents.

We resulted in an array of photos with varied aesthetics, but maintained "farmgirl chic" throughout. I'd say we've predicted the next new trend; ditch the mall and visit your local pasture for your next shopping trip. 

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