A Final Encore: Reflecting on 2015

A Final Encore: Reflecting on 2015

Hello everyone! 

There are two days left until 2015 becomes a memory, to be replaced with another surely hectic (but hopefully rewarding!) year. These last few weeks have been draining, with too many merciless finals and late nights (sunrises, actually) in the library. Once break arrived, my dearest friend, retail therapy, was there to tell me everything would be alright. With enough new clothes to dress a village, my finals trauma has been buried into oblivion. Christmas is over, the new year is hours away, and all I have left to do is think about my upcoming outfits and reflect a bit on this past year. 

I'm finally declared as a biology major, but I also decided to double in art practice. Instead of limiting myself to just one, pursuing both passions has left me more fulfilled. I turned this blog into a serious endeavor, redesigned it, and swore to myself I wouldn't let it fade out like it did in 2014. I realized I no longer have an unhealthy obsession for sweaters (I've accumulated over 60 so far) but now plead guilty for no self-control over scarves. I've spent countless hours shooting and editing to develop my abilities as a fashion photographer. Meanwhile, I'm expanding my work and have delved into conceptual photography, which you'll get to see more of soon! I painted a lot, drew even more, and studied genetics and cancer and biochemistry until my eyes were bloodshot.

I am not immune to negative emotions, and had my fair share of them as well. I spent too many days uninspired and questioning my art and my future. An eventual solution did come about: I spent dozens of nights forcing myself to type gibberish on MS Word until at least mediocre ideas surfaced, only to be replaced by good and subsequently better ones. It was a chance for me to reflect, as I'm doing now, and also note down anything that could restore my creativity. The best part is that it worked!

While satisfied and proud of my work, I'm all the more dissatisfied. As a perfectionist (words spoken by many who know me) it's difficult to ignore glaring inadequacies in light of gradual growth. While I know this dissonance will push me to keep creating and evolving as an artist, I'm learning to focus on the future. 2016 will be happier and more exciting that way.

On a lighter note: 2016 is hurtling towards us with full force and I've compiled my favorite outfits and photographs from this year in an attempt to immortalize my best. 

This time I'll pass on an encore. I'm not as much interested in a repeat of 2015 because I know 2016 is going to be my best year yet! 

The Outfits:

Finally, some of my favorite photographs:

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Thanks to Catherine Zhou, Jenn (artinourblood.com), Chris (unbearablystylish.com), and Daisy (daisyishdays.com) for the outfit shots.