Follow the Light

Follow the Light

Happy holidays everyone!

I finished finals on the 17th and finally, finally arrived home for the holidays the day after. These past two weeks were torturous for me; I banned myself from touching my camera and closed photoshop on my computer. 2 weeks without using photoshop may actually be a record for me.

The worst part of being on a semester system is getting out of school so close to Christmas because I feel like I've missed most of the holiday season. Staying in Berkeley's 24 hour libraries until 4 AM deprived me of traditional holiday sights and sounds: carols playing in every mall, passerby wrapped in thick coats, twinkling lights in suburbia. Hopefully my final grades are worth the sacrifice (Santa, are you listening?). 

When I reached the hills and redwoods that I call home, I was itching to take photos. Instead of my usual fashion photography, I decided to take the conceptual route. Being deprived from making art for so long put me in a rut, and it felt incredible to finally create again.

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