M&Ari Swim

M&Ari Swim

I recently shot a mini-campaign for M&Ari Swim. 

Winter is upon us, but that doesn't stop me from going to 40 degree Norcal beaches to shoot bikini-clad babes in what *looks* like sun-drenched Australia. Maddy, Sage, Sophia, and I jumped in the car with a backpack full of bikinis and drove about an hour north of SF to Point Lobos. The beaches were secluded and pristine, caramel sand, cloud-spotted skies. 

The only downside was the 60 mph wind (THAT WE DID NOT PREDICT) that was literally--like LITERALLY--sandblasting our faces. We had to try 3 different beaches before we found one in an inlet that spared us, barely, from the wind. Regardless, we only had an hour before hypothermia set in so we covered the three in coconut oil and had them jump in the sand to finish as fast as possible. 

Despite the hurdles, I'm beyond happy with the shoot. The girls were such troopers and stuck it out until we got the perfect shot.