Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a Thanksgiving full of great company, delicious food, cramping stomachs, and most importantly, thanks! Now that the holidays are over I'm reluctantly back to school and reminiscing about the summer weekends I spent shooting in San Francisco. 

This throwback look was shot by the gorgeous Alice Pang, one of my favorite models (whose shoot is coming very soon!), and was taken in both the Palace Hotel and the Financial District of SF.  

The Palace Hotel is a grand establishment, complete with waxed marble floors and swinging crystal chandeliers. Let's not forget the live harpist who was creating auditory ambrosia as we made our way around the banquet hall, making full use of its dazzling floor-length mirrors and velvet furniture.  From the Palace, an apt name, we meandered through the city, stopped for coffee, and eventually made it to the white limestone and ornamental gold filigree that this historic area of SF is famous for. 

On to the clothes! I'm wearing patterned suit pants and velvet blazer from Zara, a silk tasseled scarf from India, starched white shirt courtesy of Armani, and patent leather dress shoes.