Mango Mischief

Hey everyone!

I had such an energizing afternoon running around downtown Los Gatos with Jenn of (check her out please, you won't be disappointed!) shooting this outfit. As we explored, we stopped for brunch at the Los Gatos Diner, which was packed with screaming toddlers and frenzied parents. Post brunch I felt like a potato; their pancakes and eggs benedict left me unable to move.


As far as my love for tropical fruit goes, mango is high on the list (papaya dead last). Mango also happens to be one of my favorite colors; it's bright, vivacious, and playful. My chunky knit cardigan from Zara steals the show with this palatable color in a woven, subtly shimmery yarn, sitting above a cashmere knit with sheer shoulders.

I've been wearing these jeans on repeat for the last few weeks. Ever since they came back into fashion, I've been desperately searching for a pair of cargo pants that do my stick legs justice, and I finally found a pair of skinnies with oversize pockets and cute lil' zips. Perhaps my favorite part is the material, super stretchy denim that is more comfortable than sweatpants. Disclaimer: I don't actually know if they're more comfy than sweats because I have yet to own a pair!

ankur mango 2.jpg

Hope you enjoy the outfit and go eat a mango! Oh, and check out as well!