Happy October friends! This week was a whirlwind of activity and I feel a little dead inside on this fine Friday evening. For starters, I finally got a haircut and no longer look homeless; my brown locks are mostly gone, though I don't mind the black growing back in. I'm done with my first round of midterms and managed to get a photoshoot in this week as well. We went to Ocean Beach in SF and were in the water up to our necks, my camera cradled carefully above my head. I'm not revealing any details about the shoot but you'll see the photos very soon!

The following day I found myself back in San Francisco, with an ample budget to style my shoot for next weekend. In between our shopping binges at Zara and Club Monaco, Daisy (the other creative director) and I managed to shoot during golden hour on the frenzied evening streets.

I will admit that my outfit isn't the most fabulous this time, but it's a good indicator of how I dress on my lazy days. If anything, let this be a lesson for how to look cute albeit a tad frumpy. I'm wearing a shawl stolen from my mother's closet as a scarf, with a braided pastel sweater underneath. Oversized sweaters are my guilty pleasure--they're like wearing blankets. Below are Zara motto pants with striated knees and leather back pockets.


I'm ecstatic about the clothes we bought for the shoot. In the small Zara bag I'm holding there's an assortment of goodies: a cherry red jumpsuit, metallic maxi skirt, and white coat for her, leather pants and a turtleneck for him. By the way, has anyone else noticed that the classic blue Zara bag has now been replaced by these bland brown ones? I commented on them to one of the sales associates and she irritably said they're also great at giving papercuts.