The Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn! Last Wednesday (the 23rd) marked the Autumn Equinox, and it's finally my favorite season of the year! Juggling piping hot pumpkin spice lattes with my textbooks, crimson leaves crunching underneath me as I run to class, my breath misting the early morning air. Autumn paints me all sorts of colors, and I can honestly say I'm happiest in Autumn's brisk air. Today's outfit doesn't quite epitomize Fall fashion, but it begins to introduce a few stylistic elements. I layered up thick wool cardigans, textured maroon fringe, and floral aubergine silk on top of electric blue pants and oil slick vans. The shoes are the best thing about this outfit; in bright sunlight the vinyl will diffract and make rainbows. In soft lighting (here) they're extremely shiny.

Also a shoutout to Daisy of for the beautiful shots!


Shirt: Vintage // Cardigan: Abercrombie // Scarf: Guess // Pants: Zara // Shoes: Vans // Belt: Topman

Cozy and warm, I'm ready to take on Fall.