Every spring, with the intense bout of hay fever comes a renewed rush of fashion fever. We flock to the mall and restock our warm, wintry closets with a healthy dose of bright colors, fresh florals, and airy cotton shirts.

With Meryl Streep's infamous line from The Devil Wears Prada stuck in my head, I was also a victim of spring fashion fever. The fever consumed me: it took control of my sensibilities and pushed me to the check-out line too many times. In any case, I left the mall very pleased. This week, I reveal two of my new pieces: a floral shirt from Zara and suit shorts from H&M.


Tucked into the shorts is my new favorite tee, a tropical print polyester shirt from Zara. I could see its bold print and saturated colors as I was coming down the elevator, across the store. I knew I was buying it before I tried it on.

To finish off the outfit and give it a prepster vibe, I added my favorite skinny brown belt and matching Cole Haan loafers. Take note please, make sure your belt and shoes match!

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